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Certain songs go well with certain moods. Certain songs go well with certain situations. I think music is loved so much because of the emotions it provokes. It makes us feel good or sad or encouraged or excited. Music can help us work through anger or grief. I have certain songs I like listening to when I feel a certain way and this blog is all about those songs. Keep in mind, I’m a huge fan of lyrics. They usually make the song for me.

What I listen to when I’m getting excited or want to be energized:

If it’s the summer and I start to like a boy I listen to:

What I listen to if I’m trying NOT to like a guy:

One of the songs I like to listen to when I’m about to go to bed:

What I listen to when I’m really happy:

What I listen to when I like a guy and I’m scared of getting my heart broken again (I listen to this song a lot):

When I feel really sad:

What I listen to when I need encouragement:

When I think about my future husband:

Whenever I’m cold (which is a lot) so I’ve been listening to this on repeat lately:


I’m a believer in the phrase “Everything happens for a reason.”

I found myself wondering the other day, “What if I hadn’t got that scholarship?” See, the only reason I’m at AU is because God opened a door for me to go here. Without a full tuition scholarship, there’s no way my family and I could afford AU. If I hadn’t got that scholarship…

  • That day at track practice would have been just like any other. (I found out I got the scholarship while at track practice)
  • My high school boyfriend and I might still be together, we might even be engaged by now.
  • I would be about to graduate at Indiana State University.
  • I may never have realized my love for writing and journalism.
  • I wouldn’t have met all these fantastic people!
  • I wouldn’t have gained as much independence as I have.
  • I definitely wouldn’t be co-editor of my college newspaper.

I also believe that some things fall apart so that better things can fall together. God can turn something bad into something amazing. You just have to open your eyes to see. And it usually takes some time. I’ve realized that if my high school boyfriend and I hadn’t broke up (which sucked at the time)…

  • I wouldn’t have met Patrick, the guy Aubrey and Lori found for my roommate date in just two days. (My boyfriend and I broke up two days before he was supposed to come be my roommate date freshman year of college)
  • If I hadn’t met Patrick, I wouldn’t have met Eric who is now a good friend of mine.
  • If I hadn’t met Eric, I wouldn’t of heard about Camp Pyoca and I wouldn’t have worked there in the summer of 2008.
  • If I hadn’t worked at Pyoca, I wouldn’t know some of my best friends today. I wouldn’t have had the most amazing summer of my life in 08. I wouldn’t of impacted the lives of campers.

It’s so crazy how your life can drastically change due to one moment. Sometimes I wonder about that. If I drop something accidentally and take the time to pick it up, did those few seconds change something? Add those few seconds to the time it took to walk back in my room before leaving my apartment to grab my key and student ID….could that have caused something else to happen? Could those small moments change time? Because now I run into a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, now I pass different people in the hallways, now the store is all out of the one thing I needed to buy, now I don’t have a car accident or maybe I do.


It leaves you wondering, “What if…

In no particular order, these are my top three favorite….


Inception– After this movie came out this past summer, it quickly moved to my top three!  It’s mind blowing and I love it!

Eagle Eye– I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters. I went out and bought it the day it came out on DVD.

The Holiday– This is my favorite chick flick because it shows the heartbreak that comes with love. When I saw this in theaters, there was one scene I could relate to so well that I sat there crying. It’s been one of my favorites ever since.

TV Shows

My Boys– This show is on TBS but was just recently canceled 😦 I still love it though. It’s about a girl named PJ who is a sports journalist (sometimes I pretend I’m her) and all her best friends are guys. They play poker once a week.

The Office– I’ve been watching this show since it first started when I fell in love with Pam and Jim’s relationship. I also love the humor of all the other characters.

King of Queens– I started watching the reruns of this on TBS. This show is hilarious and makes me literally laugh out loud in every episode.

Music Artists/Bands

TobyMac– I’ve loved him and the Diverse City band since I heard them my sophomore year in high school. I love how every time I listen to his music I am inspired in a new way. I’ve been to four of his concerts and can definitely say he’s the best performer I’ve ever seen.

Jack Johnson– Aubrey introduced me to this artist my freshman year of college. I love how relaxing his music is. I love listening to his tunes before bed, especially songs like Banana Pancakes, Cocoon, and Angel.

Taylor Swift– I know it may seem lame, but I’m not ashamed. I’m a girl from the country, what did you expect? I love how much I can relate to her lyrics. I also love that she has blond curly hair like me! 😛


Pasta– My first love for pasta came with my Grandma Lucy’s homemade noodles. But then I fell in love with fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti, pasta salad…you name it I bet I like it!

Strawberries– I’ve always loved this fruit! So many people put sugar on them, but they don’t need it. They are amazing all on their own. Usually I eat too many at once and end up with a tummy ache, but it’s always worth it.

Ice Cream– I love ice cream soooo much. Mmmm…. I love anything chocolate, cookie dough, mint, cookies n creme, or treats like eclair bars. It is definitely a comfort food for me.


Pizza Hut– It’s the best pizza.  Pepperoni please. Pepperoni lovers is even better. Hand tossed crust.

Montana Mike’s– Steak, well done. Baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar. And the rolls are sooooo good.

Wendy’s– I wanted to have a fast food restaurant on my list and Wendy’s is definitely my favorite of those. I love their chili and those new french fries with the sea salt! Also, they have good sweet tea and frosties!


Peanut M&Ms– Chocolatey with a crunch. Peanuts are good for you!

Take 5– Best candy bar ever. Pretzels and chocolate and peanut butter! And you get two in every package! 🙂

Dove Dark Chocolate (especially with almonds)– Dark chocolate is the best kind of chocolate out there. Bonus: It’s good for you!!

Are any of these your favorites?

I do not have any blood sisters; however, I do have many sisters in Christ and many girls I would consider to be my sisters. This blog is dedicated to those girls.

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.  ~Carol Saline

The first girl that ever became my sister is Aubree Spelbring. I think I met her when I was 6 years old. She’s technically my cousin but I would consider her my first sister. We grew up playing together and when she was little she did everything I did and wanted to be just like me. In fact, when I broke my wrist roller skating,  two weeks later she did the exact same thing. We both wore casts from our thumbs up to our biceps for way too long. I love that as she gets older we can talk about more and more things. I can’t believe she’s going to start driving this year!

About two years after I met Aubree, I met my next sister Morgan Spelbring. She’s also my cousin but more like a sister. We used to play house, barbies, pet shop, and who knows what else. She makes me laugh. I admire how selfless she is and sometimes I am even stunned by it. I really look forward to watching her grow into a woman.

When I was about five years old I met my next sister Chelsie Trusler. We were best friends in preschool. We were close in kindergarten too and graduated together wearing pink robes and holding Lion King balloons. We weren’t in the same class again until 6th grade where our friendship began again. We always enjoyed sleepovers and pig outs. She was my concert buddy in high school since we both loved TobyMac, Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Relient K. We were also track managers together. I think we may have more nicknames for each other than anyone else!

In second grade, I met Jennifer Alsip. She had moved to Brazil from Illinois. We started a pencil business in Mrs. Pickens class and began saving up our dimes so we could buy an art set to share. In 3rd grade, we found a bird egg outside at recess and decided we had to save the bird inside. Jennifer kept the egg in her locker until it smelled so bad we realized it was time to say goodbye to the baby birdie. We quickly became best friends and with as many sleepovers as we’ve had, I’d say we’re almost sisters. We had a rough spot in 5th grade, but our friendship grew strong again in 6th grade. We’ve taken trips to Illinois, Kentucky, and even to Minnesota when we won gold medals and got to go to nationals at the FCCLA state competition. We won gold medals again our senior year in high school. Jennifer and I have been best friends for about 15 years now.

At our joint graduation open house

In 6th grade, I met Jenny D. (Jen Dryer) when the Super Eels were formed. That’s what Chelsie, Jennifer, Jen, and I called ourselves. Why? I’m not quite sure but we each had our own “superhero” names. Chelsie- Super Sassy. Jennifer- Super Smart. Jenny- Super Sandy (She looked like Sandra Bullock) Me- Super Strong. Jen and I passed many notes in jr. high and it usually had to do with boys or whatever friend drama we had created to keep ourselves entertained. We got closer the older we got. I’ll never forget how she bought me flowers when I was going through a really rough time senior year of high school. Unfortunately when she went through her roughest time, I didn’t feel like I could really be there for her the way I wanted to but I did the best I could considering the circumstances. I’m extremely excited for her though as she starts a new phase in her life.

The Super Eels at High School Graduation

Freshman year of college, I met Aubrey Churchward. We lived next door to each other and became very close. We’ve lived together for the last three years so it really does feel like we’re sisters. We are completely comfortable with each other and know I can tell Aubrey anything. I hope that even after graduation and moving away from one another we can still stay super close.

That same year, I met Ricci Emmons who lived on B hall in Rice. We went to focus group together and had ab workouts and Disney movie marathons in the hallway. Sophomore year we had dinner at 5 in the MP, balloon races in the Martin hallway, and The Office parties in my room. Junior year we got to be apartment-mates! We had the best time ever speaking in British accents, making up languages, eating pancakes, and searching for Gollum. Ricci was my running partner and she’s the only one who could push me just enough without making me give up. She is really great at doing my hair. I love her ability to twist and braid! I love when I get to have deep conversations with Ricci. She is an incredible listener!

The summer after my freshmen year of college, I worked at Camp Pyoca. During high ropes course training, I met Laura Riggins. We hardly spoke to one another even though we slept in the same room. But after a few days of training we became extremely close. Laura was there for me after I received news of the death of a friend. She held me through the tears, listened to my memories, and fed me a large supply of Starburst. Laura and I left each other notes in our cubbies in the staff office. After camp, we visited each other at school and often talked on the phone. Once, she surprised me on my birthday and showed up in my dorm!

During staff training, I met Chelsea Parks. We bought matching Dora the Explorer watches. During the DISC personality test, we found out we are exactly the same. Maybe that’s why I can consider her a sister. Or maybe it’s because she’s always been there for me, always challenged my relationship with God, always stayed in contact and worked at our friendship. We seem to be at the same point in our lives. Both wanting to grow more, both going on mission trips outside the U.S., both single and sometimes hating it, both about to graduate and worried about the real world.

Right before camp actually started, my sister Adelyn arrived. She was quiet at first but when she did talk, her Australian accent was evident. After spending almost every week with her whether with campers or tearing down a cabin, we opened up and quickly became close buddies.  After camp, she came to visit me at school. After she left America and went back home, Addie would call me on her way to work. We also wrote letters, sent packages and talked on Facebook. This kept our friendship going. Someday I hope to visit her in Melbourne. Until then, we’ll just be long distance sisters.

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities.  She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway.  She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark.  She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink.   ~Barbara Alpert

Thank you girls for being a part of my sisterhood.

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