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First off- sorry to all my readers. I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time but I have been busy enjoying life!

I had thought about blogging about this and then at a recent chapel the speaker spoke about this very topic. Part of me thought, ‘Well now I can’t write about it.” But the other part of me thought, “This means I really need to write that blog.” So I did and here it is…

So often we picture our lives a certain way. Even from a young age I was beginning to picture what job I would have someday, what my house would look like or how many kids I would have. As we get a little older we start to see a time line for our lives. I always thought I’d be engaged by 21 and by 23 I’d be starting my family. But here I am in the middle of those two ages with neither of those things and yet no where near them either.

I’ve always been the type to daydream about my future. I think we all do it but I think I do it more than most. One of my top strengths in the Strengths Quest test was futuristic. I think that was one of my answers because of my daydreaming skills.

I know exactly where I’d like to build a house someday and I know what that house will look like inside and out. I have a picture of what my husband will be like and how our relationship will be. I can see children and enjoyable, stable jobs. All of it looks sunny, happy and perfect. But what about when the clouds cover the sun? What about when winter comes and it’s cold and dreary?

See, when we picture our lives we forget that bad things happen in life. We don’t daydream about the deaths, diseases, financial problems, arguments or misbehaving children. We don’t picture infertility, burglary or house fires. But all these things happen and at least one of them is bound to happen to each of us in our futures.

I know I’m guilty of thinking once I get married everything will be great and I won’t ever have anymore problems. But that is completely wrong and a ridiculous thought. All marriages come with problems, and all marriages require work. So why do we think differently? It could be because of all those movies I love so much–you know, the ones where the man and the woman overcome some obstacle and end up falling in love? The ones where they finally kiss and then the credits roll? Or they stand at the altar and the screen fades to black? All those movies show the couple getting together or falling in love but they never show the obstacles or conflicts they face after that. Thank you Hollywood for giving me such an unrealistic and romanticized view of life.

I’m not saying it’s bad to daydream about your future. It’s not a bad thing to see how you’d like things to be. But you can’t plan your entire life because it will never work out the way you had pictured it. You won’t start a family at 23. You won’t find the perfect job right after graduation. You won’t get everything you want. You won’t always be happy. Winter will come. And if you are so stuck in your unrealistic plan, you won’t be able to handle the clouds that cover the sun.

So stop daydreaming. Stop living in the future. Stop planning. Live for today. Breathe it in. Enjoy the moments happening right now. Because when you can let go of your dreams and allow God to plan your future, that’s when you’ll live happily ever after.


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