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On May 9, I left for Costa Rica. We flew to Houston and then on to our destination. I’ve always enjoyed flying but unfortunately the landing on that last flight didn’t sit so well with me. I thought I was going to pass out but luckily I made it, and boy, was I glad to be on the ground.

Our accommodations were very nice. We stayed at the Sellers Center not far from San Jose. Harry and Julia were the missionaries who hosted us.

Harry and Julia

During our free time we usually took a nap, read, played Nerts- the card game, or took a walk down to  the local shopping center. When we were there we would usually stop by the internet cafe to email our families or friends and then we would go to Pops, the ice cream shop that was everywhere in Costa Rica! I think I went to Pops about 6 times while I was there. The first time I got Mora ice cream, which is blackberry. It was delicious! I wish they had it in the States!

Me with my MORA ice cream- mmm!

Good ole Pops! Miss that place!

The first week was mostly spent painting. We did a total of 6 rooms at the Seller Center. That is including a couple small bathrooms off of the main rooms we painted. One went from blue to yellow and another was the same color as it was before but let me tell you it sure did look better when we were done. We also painted some walls outside and then the door to a shed. We painted those red. One day we went to the Church of God in Los Guidos. We painted a building- inside and out- that last year’s missionaries built. Then we painted a side wall of the church.

One of the rooms we painted at the Sellers Center

Welcome to the house of God (in Los Guidos)

The view from the church at Los Guidos

Nate and I painted this entire wall red!

We painted the red wall and the yellow building inside and out.

Louise, the maintenance guy from the Sellers Center, lives in Los Guidos. His family fixed us lunch that day and it was delicious!

Fresh fruit with every meal- pineapple, papaya, and mango. Plus bananas and fruit juice to drink!

A salad Louise's family made for us

Arroz con pollo (Rice with chicken-my favorite), black beans, and chips

When we finished lunch, they asked if we’d like to go for a walk on some trails. We had finished painting early, so we went! We got to climb a mountain! And the view at the top was breathtaking. We decided to head back when we started to hear thunder and we made it back to the house just before the downpour began. It rained there basically everyday and not just any rain- major pouring rain that could leave you soaked.

Grace like rain

Saturday was my favorite day of Costa Rica! Why? Because we got to play with kids all day! We went to a church in Alajuelita and before we knew it all these children were pouring into the place and sitting all around us. I sat next to Yasmina and Simon. Then everyone stood up and we all sang and danced together. Then the kids were all sent to their classrooms and we got to sit in and observe.

Yasmina and friends

Simon and friend

Look at ALL those kids! Singing and dancing for the Lord!

We left there and went back to the Sellers Center for another children’s program. A little girl named Allison came over to me as soon as I arrived and hugged me and took my hand. She led me into the church and sat next to me, getting as close as she could. She kept saying things to me but I told her I didn’t know much Spanish. We played games with the kids there and most of the time Allison was stuck to me like glue. I ate snacks with Allison and Maria. At one point Allison switched our name tags and thought it was the coolest thing. “Me llamo Tiffany,” she kept saying and giggling. At the end of the program I chased Allison, Maria, Karina, and Gabriella around outside. Their smiles lit up my heart and their giggles made Saturday the best day of my entire trip.

This is Allison.

Snacks with Maria and Allison

Gabriella finally smiled when we played the chasing game and here she even sat on my lap. It was great to see her open up after being so quiet and scared at the beginning of the day.

After the little kids left, a few of the girls who had been there helping talked with Ginny and I for over an hour. It was a little difficult with the language barrier but we worked on our Spanish and they worked on their English. Gina and Julisa quickly became friends.

Gina, me, and Julisa

Later that day, we got to attend the youth group. Julisa was there too and she sat next to me and introduced me to her friends. Again, we tried to talk some but sometimes a smile is all it takes to make a friend. At the end of the night she gave me one of her bracelets which meant a lot to me. We exchanged contact information and now we are even friends on Facebook!

At the very end of the night I played with this little boy, the youth pastor’s son. He had a balloon sword and I would pretend he was really cutting my arm off by making crazy noises when he would use the sword on me. He seemed to really enjoy it and we played for a long time.

And there you have it. My first week of Costa Rica- Monday through Saturday.


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