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On Sunday morning, we attended the church at the Sellers Center. They began with worship. I really enjoyed how much dancing they have at their worship services. Julisa was one of the dancers. During one song I actually understood the words so I really enjoyed singing along.

Recibe toda las glorias. Recibe toda los honres. Precioso Hijo de Dio.

Receive all the glory. Receive all the honor. Precious Son of God.

During the sermon, I couldn’t understand anything though. 😦 But at the end of church, many came to greet us. One man spoke some English and was very nice. He was a new father and wanted to show us his new baby. Juan Jose (John Joseph) was only 10 days old. The man looked right at me and asked if  I wanted to hold his baby. Of course I said yes; I love babies! Juan Jose slept in my arms for about 10 minutes.

Juan Jose- 10 day old baby 🙂

After I gave the baby back to his daddy, I saw Allison running up to me. She jumped up and hugged me, and then she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her mom. While meeting her mom, another lady came over to help translate. She told me that Allison had been talking about me non-stop and that she was so excited to have an American friend. That afternoon we all went to Harry and Julia’s house for lunch. Her family was there helping, and they were all so nice.  We had delicious food, and I was excited to have mora juice to drink!  I really enjoyed sitting and talking to some of the people in my group. I felt like I got a lot closer to Ginny, Kristen, Aly, and “Sister Chad” that day.

On Monday, we visited a coffee plantation. I had never seen coffee plants before so it was interesting.

Coffee Plantation

Next we went to a volcano! It was very neat and so unreal. It was extremely quiet up on top of the volcano. The last time it had erupted was in 2006. As soon as we got there, we saw it bubble really big inside.

Poas Volcano

Then we walked up, up, and up some more through the jungle to get to a lagoon. We could see our breathe and it was hard to breath because of the altitude. Finally we got to the lagoon, which is just a crater filled with rain water.

That's the jungle behind me! It was kind of scary!

The lagoon!

We also went to a church made of metal and had lunch in a nearby park. Later that day, we visited a tourist location where they hand-paint oxcart wheels. They were very beautiful. While we were there, we saw a tarantula….in real life, just out in the open. That was the scariest and worst part of the whole trip for me!

The Metal Church

One of the oxcart wheels

On Tuesday, we visited the ruins of a church that was beginning to be built but was never finished because of an earthquake. They had made a garden on the inside of the ruins and it was beautiful.

All the girls inside the ruins

Next we headed to the Los Angeles Cathedral. We saw charms that were given to the church to thank the Virgin Mary for miracles. I touched some holy water just to say I’ve touched it. I actually don’t believe that water is any different from any other water. I was surprised at the differences I saw between Catholicism and Christianity just within this one church.

The Los Angeles Cathedral

The charms for all the feet and legs that have been healed. There were thousands of charms for all sorts of things.

The Holy Water

For lunch that day we went to Sanchiri to a restaurant overlooking a valley. The view was fantastic! And so was the food!!! And I got mora juice again!! DELICIOUS!

The View from the Restaurant

Mora juice makes me happy!

My delicious food!

On Wednesday, we left early to head down south for the beach!! We got to stay at a resort on the beach. That morning, we went into the jungle for a canopy tour.  We did about 8 zip lines. I even got to go upside down (on purpose) on one of them. The last zip line was 1,000 feet long and 100 feet high.

I didn't get many pictures while I was zip-lining but here's one.

After lunch that day, we got to go to the beach. It was so beautiful. We had the whole beach to ourselves basically. There were really big rocks in certain places and it was amazing standing there watching the waves crash over them.

On the empty beach 🙂

After crawling over many rocks, we looked over and this is what we saw: Beauty.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we spent time on the beach and at the pools. We all got tans and enjoyed God’s creation. Speaking of God’s creation, we saw a lot of wildlife!


A cousin of a racoon! (Don't know the name in English)

A boa constrictor!


I absolutely loved the beach and the fruity drinks they had!


 On our last night when we were back to the Sellers Center, we went to a restaurant called RostiPollo. A group of girls and I sat next to each other and were able to each get an appetizer, share a group entree, and get a dessert! Afterward, we went to Pops for the last time to get ice cream.

My appetizer: sweet plantains 🙂

Jylian, Libby, Aly, and I

Chocolate cake for dessert of course

Mora ice cream from Pops for the last time!

Friday morning we flew back home. It was very good to be home, even though I did have a good trip. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and our group while we were in Costa Rica. It was a great trip and I will never forget it.



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