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  • To my future husband

Dear Beloved,

My heart has quite a few scars. I wish I could give it to you whole and new, but I can only offer what I have to give. I don’t have many firsts left, but I’ll offer you all of my lasts. And if you’ll be mine forever, I can promise you this …

If you pick me a flower, I’ll wear it in my hair. I’ll stash little notes for you where you least expect them. I’ll write you letters even when you aren’t away. I’ll eat ice cream with you. I’ll choose new outfits based on whether you’ll like them. I will be proud of you.

I’ll wait for you even if you’re late. I will feel safe and most at peace in your arms. I’ll let you be right when it doesn’t really matter. I’ll giggle when you act silly. I’ll dance with you in the living room. I will get dressed up for you. When I get frustrated, I’ll love how you’ll remind me how unimportant it is in the big picture and make me laugh about it.

I’ll hold your hand while you drive. I will love it when you place your hand on my knee when sitting next to each other. When we wash the car together on a hot summer day, I’ll spray you with water. I‘ll hide around corners and try to scare you. And I’ll run and scream when you try to tickle me. I’ll give you pep talks when you doubt yourself. And I can guarantee you there will be times when I need pep talks.

I will love hearing you sing in the car, and I will love even more singing with you in the car — loud and not at all on key. I’ll make you smiley face pancakes in the morning. I’ll sit on the porch and watch the lightning with you. I’ll fall asleep as you drive us home.

I’ll tease you for falling asleep during movies, but I’ll secretly think it’s adorable. I’ll always let you try my food and offer you what I can’t eat when I’m full.  I’ll make you laugh. And you’ll make me laugh. I’ll cuddle with you under a blanket on a cold day.

I will let you give me piggy-back rides as often as you want. I’ll take care of you when you’re sick. I’ll think you are absolutely gorgeous when you come home dirty from working outside or sweaty from working out.  My heart will skip a beat every time you walk through the door.

Our kisses will leave us both breathless. I’ll scream your name when seeing a spider and you’ll be my hero once you’ve killed it. I’ll pray with you before each meal and every night before we fall asleep.  I’ll give you space when you need it. I’ll love the way you explain things to me without making me feel dumb.

I’ll thank you every time you open a door for me. I’ll keep all our photos and cherish every one of them. I’ll travel with you to far off places and experience new adventures. I won’t ever let you leave for work in the morning without a kiss and an “I love you.” We can watch Sports Center or whatever you want on TV. Your friends are always welcome, and I’ll always be willing to make you guys snacks. I’ll watch scary movies with you, but only as long as you hold me close and let me close my eyes.

I’ll love laying my head on your chest and hearing your heartbeat.  I’ll understand if you get jealous – and do my best to show you that you have no reason to be. I’ll do my best to keep from getting jealous, as long as you show me I have no reason to be. You will always look handsome to me in the morning. When you’re sleeping, I’ll try to stay quiet. I’ll call when I say I will.

I’ll help you face your fears. I’ll always be faithful. I’ll try new things just for you. I’ll fall in love with your family, and love watching you with mine. I’ll always remind you of our inside jokes. I’ll give you nicknames you’ll never want your friends to know about. When walking down the aisle, I won’t notice anyone who’s there because my eyes will be fixated on yours. I’ll miss you when you’re gone.

I’ll forgive you for your mistakes. I’ll always give you a second chance. I’ll trust you. I’ll enjoy finding and trying new recipes that I know you will enjoy. I’ll adore the moments you kiss me on the forehead. I’ll take walks with you. I’ll read scripture with you. I’ll worry about you. I’ll pray for you.

I’ll have your children, and every time I look at them I will see you. I will spend a lifetime loving them with you. I won’t get enough of watching you hold our baby or playing on the floor with our toddler. I will love seeing you playing catch with our son outside. And I will love how protective you are of our daughter.

I will give you my heart. I will fall in love with you more each day. I will grow old with you. And when our time on Earth is through, I will love you in Heaven and spend eternity holding your hand.

Until then … I will wait for you.

Love Always,



If she silently waited with her hand open and heart racing for your fingers to intertwine with her own,
and let you follow her to her hometown to see where she grew up, to see all she’d ever known,
If she wrote her heart with paper and pen, using a stamp to communicate while you were away,
If she tried new tastes and no matter what for, always let you pay,
If she burst into tears the moment your arms wrapped around hers after weeks of waiting,
and held on tight when she felt you fading,
If she stood against the wall, nervous and anxious, looking into your eyes before you touched your lips to hers,
If she endured hours of sickness to learn and experience your love of lures,
If she sat by the river next to you, listening and sharing,
and drank more water cause you were only caring,
If she climbed a tree with you and named the geese,
and loved her meal but let you try a piece,
If she stood under the stars with you, watching the lights float above,
and stood by the fireflies and told you of her love,
If she introduced you to those closest to her — her family and friends,
If she let you braid her hair, all the way to the ends,
If she jumped on a plane without any planning,
and, knowing you didn’t like it, decided never to go tanning,
If she spent months collecting photos and memories in a book,
and could tell you what she was thinking with only one look,
If she giggled and laughed and smiled a lot,
but burst into tears when cooking in a pot,
If she went to the game and became a fan,
and thought you looked best after a Florida tan,
If she went to the zoo and heard the lion roar,
and missed you all the way to her core,
If she cried every night thinking of the end,
and asked God to take her heart and mend,
then you can be sure one thing is true,
that girl right there, she truly loves you.

Two is better than one, for they can help each other succeed. -Ecclesiastes 4:9 NLT

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