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Wondering where I’ve been? I promise I’m still alive, and still writing. I’ve just been writing on my new website. But, unfortunately, it is not ready to launch yet. Since I can’t send you to the new site just yet, let me give you an update on what’s been happening with it.

I couldn’t get the actual website up to where you can see it. I called the IT support people from my web host … and let me tell you, calling IT people is one of my least favorite things to do — right there with cleaning snow and ice off my car. I called them, and basically it was a big mess. Their IT people had messed up and installed something wrong. I thought I was going to have to re-do everything. But the nice lady was able to fix it. Thank you Jesus! That was blessing #1.

Then a sister in Christ, who is an avid blogger and just happens to be starting her own design company, found out I was creating my own website and wanted to help. She called me and walked me through steps I probably never would have figured out if it weren’t for her. She helped me set things up and answered my questions. And then she told me she would design my blog for me, if I wanted … If I wanted??!  Yes, I wanted! The moment she told me, through email, I literally began to cry. I didn’t understand why she would be so willing to help me. She didn’t owe me anything. BLESSING #2.

So currently, the new website is being designed by a professional designer. That’s right people, this thing is legit. As soon as it’s done, we’ll put the finishing touches on it and LAUNCH! So stay tuned!

Until then, feel free to “like” Seeing Sunshine on Facebook or follow SeeingSunshine1 on Twitter to stay posted on when Launch Day will be! I can’t wait!


I have a big announcement to makeImage.

Wrap up the breakables, pack up the boxes, get rid of the stuff I don’t need, load up the U-Haul … I’m moving.

Not in the way you may think though. I’m not literally packing up boxes and moving into a new home or apartment. But I am moving websites.

I’ve loved writing on this blog. It’s a way for me to express myself, to release my feelings in a tangible way and to encourage others through a skill God has given me. As much as I have loved it, this blog is kind of like a starter house. I’ve learned a lot through this blog, but it’s time for a more permanent home.

It’s time for my own website, with my own URL. For those of you who don’t know what the URL is, (ahem, my grandma) it’s that thing at the top that says “” (Hi Grandma!). Now, I will have my own.

As I’m in the process of moving, I ask you for prayers. This creating a website business is way more difficult than I realized. If we stick with the “moving into a new home” analogy, I have painted walls and hung up wall art. However, there’s still behind the scenes work to be done in the basement and garage, work the guests won’t see but is crucial to making the house work. And that work isn’t any fun unfortunately, so I do appreciate prayer.

I believe God is going to use this new website. I’m praying that He helps me figure it all out so it can be launched soon. I’m praying that God will speak straight to my heart, through my fingertips to the computer keys and onto readers’ screens. I hope that God will use me and the website as vessels to encourage, inspire, uplift and speak straight to the readers who visit the site.

I can’t wait to finish moving and have a “house-warming party.” 🙂  Until then, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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