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One of the things I desire is a home of my own someday. A home where I can fall more and more in love with my husband. A home where I can raise children. A home that sits out in the country. A home full of love and joy and celebrations. I also have a list of material things I’d like this home to include. I’m going to share those with you in this blog.

1. A Dishwasher

I HATE washing dishes. If our house doesn’t have a dishwasher, my husband can’t expect me to cook or bake much. Unless he promises to always do the dishes- I guess that could work. I would have no problem doing them as long as I have a dishwasher. My plan is to unload the clean dishes in the morning, then throughout the day as dishes are used rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. Then at the end of the night, add soap and turn it on! Sounds easy to me!

2. A Window Seat

This looks Heavenly.

I LOVE reading, especially in a comfy spot with the sun shining in on me. A window seat is a perfect place to read, relax and spend time with God. I’ve always wanted one.

3. A Porch Swing 

Since the house will be out in the country, of course we’ll want to spend time outside on the porch during sunny days or stormy nights. A porch swing is also a great place to read. It’s also a great place for conversation, holding hands, watching kids play in the yard, waving to neighbors, drinking sweet tea or lemonade and slowing down to reflect on life. If a porch swing doesn’t work, rocking chairs are my back-up.

4. Closets

I love the organization of this closet!

I HATE clutter. I just can’t stand it. In fact, I have realized in the last year that I am a little bit OCD. I want things straight and organized or I can’t stand it. With big closets, I will have plenty of room to hide the things I want to keep but don’t want to display. Plus, a bigger closet means I can have more shoes and clothes! And what girl doesn’t want a walk-in closet?

5. Bar Stools

The whole kitchen is gorgeous!

I’ve always wanted a bar with bar stools in my kitchen — not for drinking, but for my kids. I want my kids to come home from school, plop up on the stools and tell me about their day as I start supper. I want to feed them snacks up there and help them with their homework. I want to visit with people while I cook or bake.

6. A Chest

I’ve always wanted a big, beautiful chest at the end of our bed. We’ll probably put a throw-blanket over it. Inside the box will be all the special things I want to keep — things like letters, scrapbooks, photos, baby books, etc. I want to keep things from our past in there for days when I’m feeling nostalgic. And someday, when my husband and I are in Heaven, our children and grandchildren will enjoy looking through the chest.

7. Finished Basement

Growing up, we didn’t have a basement so maybe that’s why I want one so bad for my own home someday. But I don’t want one of those dark, damp, scary basements. I want one that’s carpeted and well-lit. We can turn our basement into a kid’s playroom, home office, man cave for my husband, family game room, storage area or whatever we want. Maybe all of those at different times in our lives!


I doubt I’ll get all of these things in a home someday. But hey, a girl can dream can’t she!?


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